Activities of Fourth Stage



On February 28th 2009, the 4th survey groupsf conference of the Horikawa-Sennin Chosatai (HSC) was held.


Summary Meeting for the 4th Stage of River Survey Activities

When: February 28th, 2009, 13:30-16:00

Where: Training room at 11F, Nagoya Urban Institute

On February 28th 2009, the 4th survey groups conference was held at the Nagoya Urban Institute in Kanayama, Naka-ward.

The objectivities of this meeting were as follows:
(1) Summarizing the result of the survey by the citizenfs survey groups in the 4th@stage from September to December, 2008.

(2) Verifying the effect of the Transmission of Raw Water from the Kiso River (TRWKR) from citizenfs point of view.

(3) Talking what should be done for continuing to clarify and clean the Horikawa river.


About 100 people from citizenfs survey groups and administrative parties concerned gathered, and had some active discussions.


Supplying the weak point of an administration survey by the citizen's survey groups


First of the meeting, Nagoya city authorities presented the results of administrative survey.

In the 4th stage, there were periods of which TRWKR be interrupted in October and December, because of maintenance of the facilities in Nabeyaueno water purification plant and so on. And it was reported by administrative survey which that the data of COD, DO (dissolved oxygen), and transparency etc. measured once a month, were wrong than the 2nd stage.


But it was reported that the data of September and November when the transmission of raw water was done were improved than last year.


Moreover it was reported by administrative survey that distinct improvement of the water quality was not seen lower the Oto Bridge.


Against this, there were many reports by citizen's survey groups that distinct improvement of the seeing through level was seen near the Oto Bridge.


Compared with administrative survey which was done once a month, the survey of the Horikawa-Sennin chousatai (HSC) has many samples because many people observe the Horikawa river many times. So HSC supplemented the administrative survey.


We felt definitely the merit of the HSC is that the citizens and the administration together can verify accurately a social experiment of clarification the Horikawa river.



Summary of the date by the citizen's survey groups


The summary of the result of the survey by the citizen's survey groups ware as follows:


1.     In the 4th stage, impression of clearness, COD, transparency, smell, bubbling were improved than the 1st, 2nd and 3rd stage. So it seems that the effect of Transmission of Raw Water from the Kiso River(TRWKR) has become visible day by day.

2.     It was found that the water quality is better from autumn to early winter than summer season( from spring to summer).

3.     The water quality in the 2nd year was improved than the 1st year in both summer season and winter season.

4.     Little by little, the actual condition of the color of the Horikawa River was begun to understand when the color of glight gray yellow greenh, ggray yellow greenh, and ggray greenh, many people feel discomfort.

5.     The number of artificial garbage (plastics, cans, glass bottles) has been decreased. It can be thought that, they are effected from the clean-up activity around the river and progress of civic awareness for clean-up the Horikawa River.

6.     A large number of striped mullets run up this year as last year. The water quality improvement was dealt with on TV and newspaper. Then, the people who came to watch fishes and birds to the Horikawa River increased.

To observation records of striped mullets of the Horikawa River 2009

7.     The water-weed breeding area has increased. Also, various forms of life, e.g. dragonfly, fish, bird, and turtle, affect in these area. And an ecosystem by food chain is formed.



The Horikawa River water environment was synergistically improved by recover of self cralification capabilities of the river and so on.


About two years have passed since beginning of the social experiment of the revival of the Horikawa River (gTRWKRh).

It was understood that; in the 2nd year, water quality including contaminated level (visual impressions and the value of COD), transparency, smell, and bubbles on the water surface was improved compared with the 1st year.


Also, some changes in the growth environment and the actions of the organisms were observed; e.g., increase of the growing area of water weeds, and run of a large number of striped mullets as last year.


It is considered that; the improvement of water environment in this two years is resulted from not only direct effect of TRWKR, but also, besides, synergistically effect of  implementation of clarification policies, revival of Horikawa Riverfs self cralification capabilities, and progress of awareness for clarification on all watershed area.


Moreover, our aim is further improvement of water environment in the third year and after.


Heart drive heart, it is spirit network.


Also, two videos made by video group of chosatai were put on the screen.

[Heavy rain pollute the Horikawa River (record of Horikawa River on rainfall time and profile of Nagoya Cityfs policies for improvement of combined sewer systems)]

[Water circulate, and emotionally accessible (introduction of upper-lower exchange and efforts on all watershed area)]


Mr. Ban, one of video group member introduced his narrative. He rushed up to the scene for 10times when rain fall, however, he got only one chance; then he has been though a lot to edit short 5minutues video.


These cares were all volunteer work. And the video was produced by Mr. Banfs spirit. Since most of gathered people were doing with same spirit, video group was given a bid hand.


While, it seemed that, people who be inspired by these spirit and refreshed spirit, were a lot.


The very aspect of network of Horikawa Sen-nin Chosatai, gheart drive hearth, was seemed to be.


The term of 5th stage is from Apr. 1st to Jun. 30th. Letfs increase the Horikawa Cheering groups, on target of 20000person.


In addition, it was agreed that; the 5th stage is from Apr. 1st to Jun. 30th, and collected data is compared with the same term of the last two years.


Also, reports on March before April will be given a welcome to, and to collect photograph data, to take pictures actively, was agreed.


Moreover, to beg of continuance of TRWKR, firstly, it is required that; Nagoya citizens should hope revival the Horikawa River strongly, and expand practical act. For that purpose, the action we can do immediately, is to appeal wide range of citizens and expand human circle of lovers of the Horikawa River, was hound a new meaning.


And the number of the Horikawa Sen-nin Chosatai, exceeds 10000 now, should be increased to the target of 20000 for next March, was agreed.


to report of citizenfs survey(Japanese)

to report of administration survey by Nagoya City government(Japanese)


Also, below Nagoya Cityfs HP shows TRWKR particularly as gthe social experiment for clarification of the Horikawa Riverh, please visit it.





Cover shot of the 4th meeting of survey groups, about 100person total of the citizenfs survey groups and related parties of administration, attended.



The banner we made two years before and set above the Sanage Bridge was broken by strong wind, a new banner was prepared and all participants wrote their hope down to it.

This banner will be set up above of the Sanage Bridge and the KitaShimizu water related amenity, and used to PR for citizen.


Please see below photograph. For making of this banner, the member of Kita Ward Office urban policy room survey group cared to.


Letters were written by Mr. Hayakawa Tetugyu, worldwide penman, attending as gTetsugyu survey grouph.

The fabric was provided by the Kurokawa dream party survey group and Mr. Kato of the Cross-giken survey group reinforced circuit to avoid to be broken by strong wind.

Rope was bought by the Kagurazaka survey group.

As shown mentioned above, the new banner comes along with many peoplefs spirit and ardor, will appeal to many people.

The new banner set up above of the Sanage Bridge on March 2nd (Monday)

The new banner set up opposite shore of the KitaShimizu water related amenity on March 2nd (Monday)





Mr. Umemoto, chairman of executive committee, greeted at the beginning of the meeting.

gExperiment, that sandbag on upper-side of the Jyohoku Bridge to prevent water level down exceedingly, was carried out; then please continue carrying out the experiment for living things.h was announced.


Team Horikawa LC1 survey group

gAccording to administrationfs survey, TRWKR brought no effect around the Oto Bridge. But at my survey point of the Oto Bridge, advertising display sinking at river bottom got to be seen, so it got fairly clear.h was announced.

Mr. Masao Yamada, Deputy Mayer of Nagoya City, attended as one of the citizen

He announced that; gto improve combined sewerage system, the Horikawa River right bank storage reservoir, under construction, will be completed and begin to operate on March in 2010, and advanced treatment system of the Meijyo-water treatment center is progressing for the goal of beginning operation on October in 2010.h

Also he said that, gI take on a walk everyday and I am continuing observation of the Horikawa River. And I always think how biodiversity including  plants on the Horikawa River should be, then please teach your opinion.h


Dr. Takeda of the Chubu University, announced impression as a researcher.
gIs it possible to see the data of administration?h
Nagoya City gAt present, if it is offered, it is possible.h
Executive committee gIs it possible making an information network system, that administrationfs data or citizenfs data can be used for researchers in university?h
Administration gWe will take it under advisement and think about method. We will consult with executive committee after.h
Like this antiphony was.


gWe display some paintings at the Horikawa Gallary from this April.h

Letfs art in the Horikawa River] cheering group

gWe are thinking to expand human circle of the Horikawa River in art lovers.h


Leader of record of observation about run up of striped mullets in the Horikawa River, gthe Goyousui-ato-gaien-aigokai survey grouph

They announced that great cormorant canft jump in, if depth of water is shallow.

Also, the signature of famous talent gYano-Kiyomih, entries to the Horikawa Cheering group, was seen on yellow parka food.

Although it canft display in close up, he showed it to participants closely, then he told it as gmy treasureh.


gThe experiment of sludge clarification is carried out around the Sumiyoshi Bridge, and then it seems to get clear fairly around there. But countermeasure against sludge is seemed to be required.h

The Horikawa River Revive committee survey group


gAlthough TRWKR is effective, not only rely on TRWKR; but also, it seems to be required that, citizens should take care to human sewerage and make effort to decrease load to sewerage.h

gThe Yuri-no-kai survey grouph








gStriped mullets on upper side are regarded, but great cormorants flying to striped mullets are observed around the Nishiki Bridge. Striped mullets seem to swim bottom of river.h

It was announced by the Nakanihon engineering consultants Kawasemi survey group.


gEach person living in water shed area of the Kiso River has various thinking. I think, through the upper-lower exchange on the water shed area, to understand these various thinking is important.h

It is announced by the Horikawa River revival forum cheering group.

As shown in this photographfs smile, this meeting was 4th, and each participant opens up to, friendly atmosphere was filled.









On the 11th floor of urban-center (meeting place), gthe exhibit of Nagoyafs tomorrow thinking from the Nagoya porth was held.

Till March 15th

The activities of the Horikawa Sen-nin Chosatai, and revival of the Nakagawa canal are introduced. If you are interested in it, please visit.






Letfs bid your friends and make a lot of survey groups or cheering groups together.



for recruitment information (Japanese)

to application format (Japanese)

to press reporting about the social experiment (Japanese)



Letfs cheer the Horikawa River until it gets clear.





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