Activities of Second Stage

The second stage activities meeting was held on February 16th 2008.

For the second-stage activities, groups observed the Horikawa River at each of the fixed points from 8th Sep. to 16th Dec. 2007.


It was confirmed that the water quality of the Horikawa river was improved gradually by the Transmission of Raw Water from the Kiso River. At the same time, it was agreement with gathering more citizens and expanding our activities for the next stage.



Summary Meeting for the Second Stage of River Survey Activities

When: February 16th, 2008, 13:00-15:30

Where: Meijyo Water Treatment Center, Nagoya City


On February 16th 2008, the second summary meeting was held in the third-floor conference room at the Meijyo Water Treatment Center.


The objectivities of this meeting were as follows:

(1) Reporting the statistical summarize by the survey result for one year on 1st stage and
@@2nd stage of Horikawa Sen-nin Chousatai 2010.

(2) Exchange their opinions, ideas and information to aim at the activities of the 3rd stage.


About 80 people and 20 government officials participated in this meeting, and discussed the environment of the Horikawa River with earnestness and enthusiasm as well as humor.

The minuets and the decisions of this meeting were as follows:

(1) Horikawa Sen-nin Chosatai (HSC) found that the clearness, transparency, smell, bubbling, COD, etc on 2nd stage was some improved better than 1st stage by the Transmission of Raw Water from the Kiso River (TRWKR).

(2) Administration also confirmed that the transmission of clear water from Kiso River improved the water quality of the Horikawa River. Based on the survey results of the total water quality of this river were improved before one year.

(3) Although, the 3rd stage is expected to be on worse condition than 2nd stage because of summer season, HSC should research the data for comparing 3rd stage with 1st stage.

At the end of the dayfs meeting, it was decided that the survey term on 3rd stage is from 21st April to 30th June, 2008. The participants were able to realize these facts as below.

(4) HSC found many living things around the Horikawa River, but there is still a lot of dumped garbage regrettably. Then, cleaning and enlightment activity should be done much harder.

(5) Transmission of Raw Water from the Kiso River is effective in clarifying the Horikawa Riverfs water. But it is the social experiment that the term is limited by 2010. It is necessary for us to elevate the Nagoya Citizenfs awareness of cleaning up the Horikawa River in order to continue TRWKR afterwards.

That is to say, it is difficult for us to obtain the agreement with continuation of TRWKR just because the Horikawa River is natural scientifically cleaned up by it. It is realized that it is necessary to make Nagoya Citizen elevate their awareness, to stop dumping garbage, to encourage the cleanup campaign, and to pour more clean water to the sea for continuing TRWKR.

So HSC have to let more citizens participate in gHorikawa Cheering Groupsh more and more.

This day, Masao Yamada, vice-mayor of Nagoya City, also participated in the meeting as a citizen. The purport that Vice-mayor Yamada whom the comment had been requested by the secretariat, remarked is following.

gI admired citizensf zealous activities. At Convention on Biological Diversity Conference of the Parties (COP10) in 2010 that we attract to Nagoya City, we would introduce the citizensf activity to the world. If Horikawa Senn-nin Chosatai is continued as it is, I consider it is worthy to be made public there. So please make a effort to continue it.

Advanced processing of Meijyo Water Treatment Center is gradually progressed though is.Nagoya City is also working on the Horikawa River clarification with the citizens.

Then, there was the following supplementary explanation from the head of Nagoya water and sewage bureau as follows. gNagoya water and sewage bureau is planning on introducing the filtration for the improvement of transparency by 2010, and the treatment controls entrophication afterwards.h


The conference ends in harmonious atmosphere. HSC members left for home with refreshing the desire to the third stage.


The view of summary meeting for the second stage.

Uemoto president of active comittee said a few words of opening.

About 80 representatives of citizen reporting groups lisened to reports of the secretarial.

They made the opinions and comments one after another.

The youngs and the olds discussed eagerly for two and hours.

This is Mr. Masao Yamada vice-mayor who made the last remarks.

He cheered up the reporting groups' activity.



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