The reason, why Transmission Raw water from the Kiso River sometimes be interrupted
@Transmission Raw water from the Kiso River (hereafter gTRWKRh)@needs about 30km raw water transmission route from the Kiso River to the Horikawa River. In order to control the new investment as economically as possible, the existing water facility transmission and sewerage facility are utilized as transmission route. Needless to say, these facilityfs indispensable functions for urban city are to supply safety drinking water stably and to drain storm-water surely to avoid flood disaster. And the capacities of these facility were designed more largely than usual required ones, to secure high reliability according to technical criteria of water service system planning and rainwater drainage system planning. In other words, TRWKR uses surplus capacities of water service system and rainwater drainage system. Thus, the capacity available for TRWKR sometimes runs short by changing factors, such as; amount of rainfall, drought, water demand, accident of facilities, and maintenance or renewal of facilities. The following is that is the reason why TRWKR sometimes be interrupted.